Monday, January 10, 2011

Updated basement layout

We made a minor tweak to the downstairs layout to accomodate the theater design that Dennis came up with for us. 

This change creates a separate entrance to the workshop/cellar/gym (TBD on how we finally use this room, but my wife thinks an exercise room is the way to go) - unfortunately that means I'll probably have to squeeze my workshop under the decks or something.

We also think we need a add a high obscure window to this room so that it doesn't feel dark like a dungeon. Unfortunately that means we'll probably need to re-do the energy rating for the house. Waiting to hear back from our builder on that.

In terms of Windows - we decided we had to settle on Cedar Windows. Unfortunately the aluminum manufacturers here in Australia (Rylock) couldn't make 750mm wide casement windows (they were only willing to do 600mm wide). Going to a commercial aluminum profile would have added about $20-30k to the window costs.