Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swimming Pool Boxing - More Concrete Soon

The swimming pool is now fully boxed up, and they are very close to being ready to pour concrete. You can see all the steel reinforcement laid out. You can also get a better sense of how the entrance to the house is going to look, now that it's clear where the central entrance will be.

And here's a view from the main level

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Steel structure for the central foyer / tower

The steel structure & suppporting beams for the foyer area and the central tower just went in today. The top of those beams is where the roof line will start, so for the first time we have an idea of the scale of the entrance area and overall house size. There's quite an amount of steel that is going into this build.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scaffolding & More Carpentry

The builder says we'll have the framing complete in a month, so between this and the pool guy there should be significant visible progress over the next month. They have also erected scaffolding to build the entrance/foyer area, and laid down plywood flooring over the floor joists at the rear end of the house.

Swimming Pool Construction Begins

Cantwell Pools has started construction on the swimming pool. It's challenging as the pool foundations have to be as deep as the house foundations so that the weight of all that water doesn't put any added stress on the house foundations. Here are some early photos of them working on this. In some places the foundations are 2m deep.