Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Floorboards

More floor boards finally arrived last week (after a 2 month delay), and my dad, my wife and I managed to lay around 80m2 last weekend.... All up, that puts us at about 200m2 of american oak installed

We have another 100m to go, and will do as much as we can this weekend.

Good news is that the kitchen cabinetry gets installed tomorrow, and installation will start before the weeks out.

We also started moving in our shipping boxes from Seattle. I'm planning to move in on Monday.....looks like a long way to go, but we're in the home stretch! We'll finish things up as we live in it.

HVAC system installed

The Toshiba HVAC system was just installed and commissioned.

7 separate zones of heating or cooling - we plan to use it only for cooling, since we also have a hydronic system and 2 fireplaces for heating.... but since our gas line has taken 3 months to get installed, in the interim it will be serving double duty.

It was a few hundred KG, and they had to crane it in.... to put the size into perspective - the unit is as tall as me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Swimming Pool Inspection

The swimming pool passed the final inspection today - great news for us, and we can't wait to fill it with water and have summer come around.

We did have to get a 2nd final inspection, because the first time the inspector came around, the window restrictors to the deck windows were set at 125mm, and he wanted us to adjust them to 100mm.

I don't know a baby capable of crawling out a 125mm window gap, but, as they say, the inspector is always right and we've made the adjustments had our final inspection, and everything now meets with his approval.

Next step this coming week is the floorboard delivery for downstairs (assuming they finally clear customs), as well as glass balustrades being installed on the staircase to finish that up.