Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Termite Protection

The builder today asked me if I wanted to install termite protection at a cost of around $3000-$3500. We are not building in a termite prone area, so strictly speaking we don't to do it and i can think of many other things to spend this money on. (like a nice shiny new projector for my theater).

I asked my builder what he would do if it was his house. His response was that he's just finishing his home (also in a nearby non termite area), and that he chose to install termite protection. Firstly he thinks it will add to resale (i don't necessarily agree) - but more importantly because you only get one chance to install termite protection effectively, and that's at build stage. You can't effectively retrofit it later. It's a system that goes in when the foundations are being poured.

Based on that, we decided to go ahead with installing it

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