Monday, November 25, 2013

Carpet and Lights

Carpet got installed over the weekend.

The material we chose was a Feltex commercial carpet (Xion), with a commercial rubber based underlay - which should be great for acoustics.

It was supplied by Carpet World, and they contracted the installation work out to a professional laying service. The installer was from Mt. Eliza - don't recall his contact details, however he did a terrific job on the installation.

Also getting ready to finish up getting the lighting installed in the room. The brackets to hold up the lamps have had wood screwed onto them, and the lamps are fixed onto the brackets. The lamps themselves were ordered through Schots Home Emporium on Punt Rd, in Melbourne.

I spent a year looking for the right lamps to go on the wall - there's not much to pick from in the Art Deco space locally in Melbourne.

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