Thursday, November 21, 2013

More theater woodwork

More work over the past few days on the columns. My father has been working on making some shelves to go inside the columns so that we can store the bluray movies there, and also to mount the speaker. Looking at the close ups you can also see we've drilled the holes to mount the hinges so that eventually we can close these up.

We've also been doing some work on those two metal brackets that are poking out the wall. What we've made out of timber, is an upside down mini-column - best if I show you a picture.

The idea is we are going to bolt the table lamps to the top shelf, and the upside down mini-column bit, is going to conceal the electrical wiring box that's in the wall. All up I think it's going to tie together quite nicely.

None of this new timber work is painted yet - it just has a first coat of sealer on it. Next step will be to get it spray painted to match the columns.

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